Gods of Food

Gods of Food is a six-part Chef's Table parody. Written by Rekha Shankar, the show stars Helen Hong, Don Fanelli, Leonard Kelly-Young, Krizia Bajos, Kimia Behpoornia and Tracy Vilar. Below are short excerpts of the full-length episodes.


Downbeat is a six-part mockumentary comedy series about musicians working on the fringe of the industry. The show creators are Graham Wallace and Luke Kelly-Clyne. Below are the full episodes.

Breaking News

Breaking News is a gameshow where contestants playing news anchors must read from a teleprompter. The catch, they have no idea what they are about to read and they are not allowed to smile or laugh. Below are a few of my favorite episodes.


I have directed over 100 sketches, which in total have garnered hundreds of millions of views. Below is a selection of my favorites.