Total Forgiveness

Total Forgiveness is a ten-part docu-series about student loan debt. Created by and starring Ally Beardsly and Grant O'Brien, the two dare each other to perform stunts to win money to pay down their student loans. Below are short excerpts of the full-length episodes.

Dimension 20

Dimension 20 is a D&D themed table-top gaming show starring Brennan Lee Mulligan. Each regular season consists of 17 two-hour episodes. Each mini season consists of 6 two-hour episodes. Every season takes place in a new world with new characters. Along with Directing I also serve as an Executive Producer. Below are the trailers for the three seasons that have aired so far.

Um, Actually!

Um, Actually! is a gameshow created and hosted by Mike Trapp. Contestants listen to false statements about their favorite nerd franchises and must be the first to buzz in to correct them. The person who is the most correct wins a point. This was a web-series that I helped bring to a television-level of production. I directed the first 28 episodes. Below are excerpts from full-length episodes.

The Rank Room

The Rank Room is a discussion show created by Katie Marovitch. Each week Katie would host three guests to solve some of life's most complicated questions. The best ideas are then voted on and sealed in a secure briefcase and stored in a warehouse for all of eternity. I helped develop this show from conception to final execution. Below are excerpts from full-length episodes.